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Are you eXcited to find out the answers from last week’s Meme? I’m eXcited to tell you.

No one got all five eXactly right, but Niki Turner was the closest with three out of five.  🙂  You guys did great. Here are the answers.

Number one: Indeed it was chicks, as some of you guessed. This is our batch from last spring. They are so cute. While these chicks are yellow in the picture, they grew up to be Rhode Island Whites. Yes, they turned white.  🙂

Number two: the bottom of my son’s shoe. Yeah, Niki. She is the only one who guessed this one correctly.

Why do I have a picture of the bottom of his shoes? He wanted to see the two sides together and didn’t want to take them off. Look at those big feet. He’s fourteen and in a size 12/13. *sigh*

Number three: No one guessed this one correctly. It is a close-up of Midnight’s tongue (turned sideways). Go back now, look closely at the picture and you can see her taste buds and the center crease of her tongue.  🙂

Number four: I got the biggest kick out of your guesses for this one. Some of you guessed fur of some kind. And you would be sort of right. It’s a close-up of my husbands chin when he had a beard, which he no longer has. This was actually taken the day he shaved it off.  LOL

Number five: Lastly, the rose. How could I do a close-up of something without one of them being my favorite flower? Almost all of you got this one right. This rose is actually from my garden. Isn’t it beautiful?  🙂

Object lesson: It is hard to see the whole picture, when you can only see a small piece. As we walk through life, we see snapshots – a moment in time – and we think we have the whole picture, that we know the whole story. In reality, we only have a single puzzle piece or maybe a few that have been put together, depending on our age. Only God can see the whole picture; therefore, we have to trust Him with the future.

Thanks for playing the game with me.

As always,
under HIS wings,


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  1. Awesome pictures! I didn’t even try to guess. I didn’t have a clue and NEVER ever would have guessed any of those:) lol

  2. I tried to post yesterday but blogger would not allow me to post a comment on my own blog. 🙂

    Thank you all so much for participating. Niki take your bow.


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