Winners…and a Problem

Well, I thought a giveaway would increase your willingness to comment. I guess not. I wonder if you’re really out there or if I’m mainly writing this blog for myself and a select few who are regular readers.

If I am, that’s okay. I’ll just change what I write about.

Back to that in a moment…FIRST:

Second, we have winners. These are in the order in which they were drawn by a random name picker. First choice begins at the top and so on down the line.

  1. Tina Hunt
  2. E. A. West
  3. Jennifer Hallmark
  4. Patricia Kiyono
  5. Jacqueline Seewald
  6. Sylvia Patzold
  7. Jennifer Gravely
  8. Beth Steury
Congratulations to each of you. Thank you for commenting during my month of guests and giveaways. Please contact me before January 5, 2014 at BedofRosesThornsIncluded [at] (or my regular e-mail, if you have it) to choose your books and send me your postal address.
Now the problem:
My blog is not generating the kind of feedback I would like to get for the amount of time it takes to set up. So, if you’d like to see something specific here, comment below and tell me. I don’t read minds, sometimes not even my own. 🙂
I think I will take off the month of January to decide if this blog is worth the effort or if I need to change direction.
Blessings on you and yours for 2014 (and beyond). May it be a year of peace in your homes and bring you the desires of your hearts.

4 thoughts on “Winners…and a Problem

  1. Ginger, I face the same struggle. I get few comments to my blogs. I don’t get many shares. I’m new at this. I’ve been doing it a year and I’m still on a steep learning curve.

    I confess that I don’t comment much to the blogs I follow and I don’t share them often, either. When something blesses me, I need to say so! I need to share so it can bless others. I can’t expect my readers to do what I don’t do myself.

    But…God continues to teach me through His Word and fills me with an eagerness to share what I’ve learned. As long as He does that, I will continue on. His Word will not come back void – even if I don’t get many responses.

    If we reach one person, if our words lead one person closer to God, we’ve fulfilled His purpose.

    As long as He prompts you to write, write!

    I’ll pray you are encouraged, and I ask for your prayers!

    1. Thanks, Sherry. I actually enjoy blogging, but some days I wonder if it’s worth the time, if I’m touching anyone’s heart, if I’m helping anyone with my words.

      But as someone else sent to me privately, HIS word never returns void.

      Happy blogging as we climb the steep hill of learning. 🙂

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