Vision — 9 Comments

    • That is a wonderful vision, Diana. It is almost always hard because as my pastor says…God speaks to us most often with a still, small voice instead of on gale force winds.

  1. My vision for 2013 includes finishing the novel I started last summer. I also plan a trip to my hometown of Brockport, New York (again for the third year in a row) to visit with my aunt and uncle who are approximately 90 years old. I am trusting God that these plans honor His will for me and my family this year. I’m sure He’ll let me know if they don’t fit His intentions for us!

  2. Hi Ginger!

    I haven’t set any goals for 2013. I’ll just continue to write, edit and see what God has in store for me. 🙂

    All the best with weight loss–you go girl! 😀

    Your stories are great and totally worthy of representation. I’m looking forward to hearing good news on that front and to one day being able to hold your books in my hands. All the best, and God bless!