“V” is for…

Ordinary Lives. From a 2 z 4 u & me


Can you see it?

See what?

The future. It’s but a moment away. There it goes; now it’s the past.

Some days, weeks, months, years…they feel that way. You’ve blinked and they’re gone. But what have you done with the time? Was it productive? Did you accomplish what you’d set out to do?

Stephen’s eyes

Lots of people make “New Year’s Resolutions” – I’m not one of them. If I find I need to accomplish something I don’t plan to wait until the new year to set it into motion. I’ve been trying for a number of years to lose weight. It seems to be an uphill battle, especially since I passed the big 40. I continue to fight, however. It’s something that’s important to me. I enVISION a time when I can get back into my favorite jean skirt.

I have a VISION for my future and that of my children. Will it match up to reality? Probably not, but I can shoot for a goal and trust God to show me how to accomplish it or to show me a better way. 

Warning: Change of Direction

Deborah’s eyes

Four sets of eyes are on this page. Mine and three of my children. Six of my seven children have brown eyes. Deborah looks like she’s getting ready to blink. That’s because she is.  LOL  She hates the flash in her eyes. I can sometimes get one good picture out of her before her eyes start blinking and watering. Her’s and Stephen’s eye color are indicative of most of my children.

Adam’s eyes

Then I had Adam (my seventh). Blue eyes, just as pretty as you please. I love his eyes. Not only are they blue, but absolutely expressive. Can you see the mischief?

I see a touch of mischief in Stephen’s eyes too. He looks like he’s hatching up a plan to get Adam.  🙂

Can you believe that when I was little I was told I had brown eyes? I keep looking in the mirror and wondering, “Who on earth thought my eyes were brown?” All I see is green, with a touch of golden brown in the center.

My eyes

Eyes have been called the windows to the soul. What would I see if I looked into your eyes today?


7 thoughts on ““V” is for…

  1. What fun pictures! Your eyes are the same color as my daughter’s!
    Can totally relate to the sudden speed at which time is passing after 40…

  2. My eyes are the deep brown, same as most of your kids. My dad’s are very similar to your eye color. We call them “hazel change.” Depending on his mood and what he’s wearing, they are anything from brown, to blueish, to greenish.

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