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Unexpected Revelation — 6 Comments

  1. Good thought. I have to be careful about being too organized [though I know you have to be more with home schooling] because I tend to move into a place where I wrestle the control from God, sheepish grin, and that just never works…

  2. I have no gifting in the organizing dept. Sigh. But I still try to control everything..or as much as I can….which isn’t much at all. I’ve tried to have a more open mind and receptive heart when it comes to life’s constant upheaval of my sad attempts at control and organization. I find many more blessings when I consider the schedule crashers as gifts of grace. Actually getting a little better at it, even!

  3. So right that I should read this now – notice, I’m a few days behind 🙂 Yesterday I was chiding myself because I’ve been so disorganized lately. So many things coming out of left field (to keep with the balls analogy). My super-organized, super-controlling engineer personality was attacking me like crazy. Hard for me to be God-organized and God-controlled. Relax, Sherry!