Trust — 4 Comments

  1. Spot on, Ginger! I’ve been studying trust, too. In fact, since I’ve began writing in a serious way, I’ve had to step on that invisible bridge of faith often 🙂

  2. Trust is such a hard thing. I think it’s because we are taught through bad experiences that trusting brings pain.

    It takes ‘indoctrinating’ ourselves with HIS truth to learn to trust HIM.

  3. So true. I have found myself praying about something… then worrying. Not a sign of trust at all. I believe God has challenged my heart to pray and trust, as this year has gone on. Because praying and worrying don’t go together. Thanks for the encouragement. Trust has been an ever-present lesson for me this year. Glad to meditate on it again, here.
    Dotti – new friend from Australia. 🙂