“The Rose of Winslow Street” by Elizabeth Camden — Review

Libby Sawyer and Michael Dobrescu are enemies…or are they? The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden is a delightful novel about the unlikely pair who meet when Michael moves into Libby’s father’s home with the claim that it is rightfully his.

I cried and I laughed. I think I even worried some as the fight between Libby’s father and Michael comes to its climax with Libby square in the middle and faced with losing the fight on both sides. Ms. Camden did an excellent job of drawing me into the dilemmas of both the Sawyers and the Dobrescus, and especially Libby’s heartbreaking choice.

A wonderfully written book that will delight your senses and take you to the year 1879 where a battle rages in the quiet town of Colden, Massachusettes for the heart of a woman and a house on Winslow Street.


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