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The Meeting of a Celebrity by Camille Eide — 9 Comments

  1. My dad was in radio and tv when I was younger. So I had the chance to meet quite a few so-called celebs. The earliest memory was when I was ten and met Johnny Cash. He shook my hand and I swore I wouldn’t ever wash it again. After a week of a LOT of patience, my mom forced me to wash my hand. Oh, the germs! Not sure I ever forgave her. LOL

  2. Meeting the When Calls the Heart cast was a dream come true!! I didn’t even trip, which was a fear of mine since we were out on gravel! Haha!
    I also ran into The Fonze, and Ralph Mouth. ? Literally. I was walking in a hotel lobby, and basically turned around to look behind me, and ran right into them! I was so embarrassed, but they were so kind, and stood there and talked to me for a bit. They were in town for a classic car show!

  3. I was fortunate to be on location during some of the filming of Love Comes Softly and Love’s Enduring Promise -so I met most of the cast of each movie. Katherine Heigl is an avid knitter and Dale Midkiff is even taller in person than he seems on screen. January Jones (Loves Enduring Promise) wasn’t very friendly -but McKenzie Astin (Patty Duke’s son) was completely charming. I had a lengthy phone conversation with John Schneider when he was considering a part in Love Comes Softly – very nice man! But my biggest thrill probably came when I attended the Movie Guide Awards in 2003 and most of “Old Hollywood” was there – Mickey Rooney, Jane Russell, Gavin McLeod, Chuck Norris, Beau Bridges – it was almost like watching old films come to life -amazing 🙂

    • I’ll bet you were in a fog surrounded by all that classic talent, Cindy. What a wonderful treat, and how fun to talk with actors and see the person behind the roles they play.

  4. About 21 years ago my very pregnant sister and I were walking around Trump Plaza in New York City. We had my 3 year old nephew in the stroller. We were in the elevator when it stopped and Kevin Bacon and a business associate got in. They were having a discussion and when he saw my nephew sleeping he said, “Shh, we don’t want to wake the baby.” The entire time my sister kept elbowing me in the stomach. Kevin Bacon held the elevator door open for us and then the door to the street. What a gentlemen and a kind, caring man. I will never forget that.

    • I love stories like this, Camille. It certainly helps give perspective on the fact that celebrities are real people, not caricatures or embodiments of fictional characters.