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The Legend of the Fairy Tale by Renee Blare — 7 Comments

  1. I love the story of girl and the twelve brothers who were enchanted and became swans. She could save them by being silent and sewing them, I think it was jackets, before a year was up.

  2. Renee/Ginger:

    It’s hard to choose among the fairy tales I grew up with, but I think Cinderella is my all-time fave – tough times/rough environment with a good attitude while enduring (at least in the story my mom read us) led to the ultimate HEA. ‘:) Yup – gotta say it’s my fave and Snow White is probably the close second.
    I’ve got BEAST OF STRATTON – it’s on my TO READ list while in SC after MAY 8th – it’s my reward for getting everything DONE before I leave – including a REALLY ROUGH proposal.
    I’m also looking forward to Renee’s next book – AM WATCHING FOR IT! ‘:)
    congratYOUlations on a job well done, Renee.
    Ginger – this post was terrific!