Spring has Sprung…Almost

Well…after a week of ice and snow and freezing cold temperatures, we here in north Alabama, had a week of rain with temps in the 60s. It’s a sloshy mess outside. Mud’s everywhere.

But yesterday the sun came out to see us. And today it has come out to play again. It’s supposed to be in the upper 70s today. I can hardly wait to get outside and bask in it. I have roses and trees to trim, which I had planned to do over the weekend, but it rained on Saturday, and I reserve Sunday to lounge/rest.

So spring is almost upon us.


  • the weeds are growing, notice I didn’t say grass LOL
  • the daffodils are blooming, and they’re so pretty
  • some of our fruit trees are budding–not really a good thing because we’re sure to get another cold snap, but they never listen 🙂048
  • I’m incubating eggs…well, not me personally. I have them in an incubator. They’re due in a week and a half. I enjoy this process for a week or so, when they look like this —->  After that, they turn ugly. 😉
  • I’m anxious for school to be over, oh, and so are my children.


What’s the evidence of spring where you live?

I pray your day is blessed, whether the sun is shining or the clouds hang low on the horizon. Remember the Son is always with you.


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4 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung…Almost

  1. We still have snow on the lawns but it is melting fast. It is still cold and Friday we may have snow. 40 degrees is much better than the 8, 12, and 20 degrees we experienced for two plus months. Spring is on the way for us in New Jersey as well.

    1. I’m glad spring is hitting the north as well. You all have had a rough winter. Stay as warm as you can. 😉

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