Spring Fever has hit me

Spring fever has sprung at my house.

You know what I mean. The desire to get out and do stuff, any stuff as long as it’s not indoors.

I spent most of Saturday outside working in the yard cleaning flower beds. I got three tilled and one mulched. Then I cut grass.

I put most of my kids to work too. My 16, 15, and 12 year old took apart the swing set we’d built when we first moved in almost nine years ago. No one used it anymore, and several pieces were rotting. I design it. My husband puts my plan into action. 🙂 I helped some, of course.

Anyway, they took this monstrosity apart. The only thing left are the four 4x4s. We’re pretty sure we cemented them in, so we’ll have to dig around them before using the tractor to pull them out. I think they enjoyed taking it apart more than they did playing on it. LOL

My youngest hauled branches, helped mulch and was a good litte go-pher. My oldest helped with the mulch a little before he went to work. The second oldest has a suspected hairline fracture around his wrist, so he was out of commission for work. And the third oldest had a physics lab, and a church outing to attend.

My husband cut the back forty (well, it’s really only three or four acres) on the tractor while I cut the front forty (he says it’s about an acre…I think it’s a bit more). We won’t squabble with logistics. It takes almost two hours on the zero-turn, but there are 30+ fruit trees to maneuver around.

I loved my day in the sun, but the sun didn’t love me much. I’m still sporting the red on my arms and neck. It’s fading though. It’s always this time of year I forget to put on the sunscreen.

The yard work is done for the week, and I hope to get some writing done. It’s supposed to rain every day.

I hope you all have a blessed week, and that your spring fever has a way to be satisfied.