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Some Days It’s Harder — 6 Comments

  1. Ginger, thanks for sharing this from your heart. I know that pain is so hard to live with. Trusting God through the pain is equally as hard. Praise God for your perseverance in the battle. May the Lord strengthen you and heal you. Keep looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith.

  2. Ginger,
    So sorry you are going through this. After watching Katherine suffer for so long with chronic pain, I know how hard it can be. Praying that you get relief soon.

    • I hope Katherine is doing better now. Chronic pain is, well, a pain and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, ever. Thanks for the prayers.

  3. I pray that the healing hand of God touches you in a special way. I have fibromyalgia and I go through pain everyday. Here lately it has been worst, thank you for sharing because I have felt the same way and sometimes I do feel alone. Thank you again, this post has been a blessing to me.
    God bless you!!! 🙂

    • I’m glad I could be a blessing to you Evelitza. I thought I might have fibro, but after further research it seems unlikely as I don’t have the painful pressure points. It’s still unknown as to what is actually causing my pain. Thank you for the prayers and blessing.