Rush, Rush, Rush

Rush, Rush, Rush

You’ve done it. So have I. We’ve rushed through a day just trying to get to the next thing on our to do list.

It happens a lot this time of year. Go to work, pick up the kids, find a sitter, get to the Christmas party of the evening, come home and crash. Only to start over the next day with a few variations. Maybe instead of a Christmas party, it’s a Christmas performance, or a shopping excursion (when they’re rushed it yanks all the fun out of shopping).

But what if this was your last Christmas? Would you do the same things? Buy the same presents? Go to the same parties?

As the world moves away from the REAL Reason for the season (yes, it’s now a cliche, but it works), I challenge you to move toward Him. Cast aside all the trappings, even if for only a moment, and focus on giving Him thanks.

Put the to do lists away. Stop rushing about. Focus on the creator of Christmas.

C-Comforter (John 14:16)
H-Healer (Psalm 103:2-4)
R-Righteous one (Psalm 116:5)
I-I am (Exodus 3:14; John 8:58)
S-Son of God (Luke 22:69-70)
T-Truth (John 14:6)
M-Maker of all (John 1:3)
A-Ancient of Days (Daniel 7:13)
S-Savior (Luke 2:11)

What can you do without this season?




8 thoughts on “Rush, Rush, Rush

  1. Strange how we often say if it was the last day this and that. And it is good to think stuff like it, I have wondered how do we understand that if death/moving over the sea/what ever else has never been a reality for us.
    Still we must live like that because today is what we have been given. Our yesterdays has been wiped out and tomorrow has always been but it does not exist for us. Always think of Matt 6, I like this translation: “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” Oh that we all might live in now and be obedient for our now.

  2. Such an excellent reminder, and not just at Christmas! I’ve often thought it would be quite nice to boycott ALL the trappings and just have a day with Jesus… no agenda, no program, no order of service, nothing, just HIM.
    Of course, I haven’t gotten up the guts to do it yet, because those “trappings” pull at me every year, so again I will attempt to find ways to merge the two.

    1. Somehow it doesn’t seem like Christmas without all the trappings. And you know what, I’m not sure I would take them away, because all though we should worship our King EVERYDAY, the trees, lights, presents, it’s all a reminder of how special his birth really was. A reminder to take an extra few minutes out of each day and thank Him for his sacrifice.

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