Review: Something Like a Lady by Kay Springsteen and Kim Bowman


Something Like a Lady by Kay Springsteen and Kim Bowman is a well-written regency period novel. I loved the passion with which Lady Annabella approaches life, and all the scrapes she seems to get herself in to, and how everyone is willing to help her get out of them. Such a genuine character. Lord Seabrook, well, he’s a man–what more is there to say. 🙂

About the book:

There are worse things than hiding in a derelict old cottage, battling field mice, and sucking on one’s last lemon. Or so Lady Annabella Price firmly believes. For example, spending the Season in London with her stepbrother and husband-hunting, as her mother has ordered. Instead, Annabella sends her maid in her place and exults in her questionable triumph… until the insufferable Lord Seabrook shows up.

It seems like a simple favor for a friend, something to distract him from his need to find an acceptable wife. Jonathan Durham, Fourth Earl of Seabrook, travels to Haselmere to find the duke’s stepsister and make certain no harm has befallen her. But Annabella is no damsel in distress. She’s a willful, spirited lady, and the impetuous beauty intrigues Seabrook. When they’re caught in a compromising position and forced into a hurried marriage, Seabrook sees it as the perfect answer to both their problems. But how can he convince his unwilling bride to give their marriage a chance when she’s determined to have it dissolved?

Rating: 4 roses