Review – “Indelible” by Kristen Heitzmann

Trevor, the ultimate outdoors-man, saves three-year old Cody from a mountain lion. Natalie, Cody’s aunt, watches him with fear and awe. Then she runs to her studio and sculpts Trevor – in the form of a saving angel, minus the wings.

He runs from a tragedy that changed his life; she hides because of a disability that prevents her from having a normal life.

Cody’s accident draws them together, but a deranged “fan” of Trevor’s keeps them fighting an external battle. Their internal wounds struggle to the surface, where they can face and conquer them, together.

“Indelible” gets you involved from the very first chapter and keeps you hooked until the last word. I enjoyed reading it. My only dislike of the story is the ending – it just sort of stops. The story is complete, but it seems to end abruptly.

*FYI – I would suggest the printed copy. I read it on my Kindle and the formatting tended to be slightly confusing in places that I think would be avoided in a hard copy.