Recipe of the Month: Playing with Pancake Mix ;)

Playing With Pancake Mix/No Syrup Needed

  by BookWormMom

Hello Reader Friends!

Yes. I play with my food. Don’t judge. Ha!

The other day I went into my pantry and saw I had collected way toooooo many pancake mixes. I buy in bulk when I find a deal. I have an embarrassingly large quantity of these packets. So, my mind decided to see what I could also find in my panty to play with these mixes.

We are also on the go a lot, so I wanted to make them no-syrup-needed for car friendly food.

Here are my results:


Chocolate Banana Pancakes
(blue plate)
1 mix packet
1 cup water
¼ cup mini chocolate chips
1 mashed up small banana

Mix everything together. Follow the baking instructions on the packet.



Hawaiian Pancakes
(purple plate)
1 mix packet
1 8 oz can crushed pineapple
½ cup water
¼ cup white chocolate chips

Mix together. Follow the cooking instructions on the package, but I cooked them with a little coconut oil because I didn’t have ¼ cup shredded coconut to add. It did make for crispy edges, but I’d prefer the sweetened shredded coconut.

**I have people with nut allergies, so I didn’t add ¼ cup crushed macadamia nuts, but I bet they would be yummy.


Café Mocha Pancakes
(pink plate)
1 mix packet
1 cup water
1 heaping tablespoon instant coffee mix
¼ mini chocolate chips

Mix together. Follow cooking instructions on packet.



Taste test results were totally mixed. I loved the Café Mocha ones, my son loved Chocolate Banana, and my daughter loved the Hawaiian ones.

I bet you could play with your food. Maybe raisins and cinnamon? Perhaps dried blueberries and mashed banana. I bet applesauce and caramel bits would be yummy.

Share with us if you come up with something yummy! I find the very best recipes are ones friends share.

GS: These variations sound delicious, minus anything with coconut–not a fan. I might have to grab a few packets for experimentation purposes. 🙂

Happy Eating,

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  1. I’m gonna try the applesauce and instead of caramel, I’m going to try chocolates.

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