Recipe of the Month – Bashful Chicken Fettuccine

Another delicious looking recipe from BookWormMom.

Hey there, my Fellow Fiction Friends!

Red sauce + White sauce = Pink sauce

However, I cringe at pink food. The word conjures up images of bubble gum and cotton candy served to me by unicorns.

Another word for pink is blush. You blush when you feel bashful. Follow my crazy train thought process here?

This food is more burnt orange when you look at it anyway. Nobody wants the word “burnt” in a recipe name.

Again, don’t tell my chef uncle about this meal. He would disown me. Ya just gotta prioritize, and right now my life is beyond crazy. I’m still feeding my people. It isn’t fabulous food from scratch, but they are fed. End of story.

Besides, at least it isn’t spaghetti with meat sauce AGAIN. Yes, that is a go to food around here.

I used my countertop pressure cooker (set for 35 min) for this because I forgot about making dinner until 4:11. It was supposed to be ready by 5:30 and I hadn’t even thawed the chicken.

Bashful Chicken Fettuccine

1 jar of your favorite brand tomato-based pasta sauce
1 jar of your favorite alfredo sauce
6-10 raw chicken tenders
24 oz fettuccine-cooked separately (Go ahead! Make your favorite pasta and change the name)

Throw everything but the pasta in your chosen cooking vessel.

  • pressure cooker: cook it for 25-35 min (35 min for frozen chicken) on high pressure, then quick release.
  • crock pot: toss everything in and cook on low all day.
  • enamel coated cast iron Dutch oven: toss it all in and cook at 225 F for at least 4 hours.

Whichever way you do it, when it’s done, bust up your chicken with a wooden spoon and serve over cooked pasta.

This serves 12 (or 6 very hungry people with some leftovers). My crew eats a lot.

GS: I’m not personally a big alfredo sauce fan, but I might could go for this. What about y’all?


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2 thoughts on “Recipe of the Month – Bashful Chicken Fettuccine

  1. I’m not a huge Alfredo sauce fan either…it just feels heavy to me. However, I love chicken. 🙃

    1. Yeah, chicken is a staple in our house. When I get to the store, I’ll grab the ingredients and give this one a try. It looks delish. 🙂

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