Rambling Wednesday #215 + RLT

The last week has been a whirlwind of activity, plus I’ve been struggling with a recurring headache. I think it’s mostly weather related as the atmosphere here in Alabama has been unstable. Warm, cold, rainy, sunny, and a little snow thrown in (not enough to get excited about though). Add on top of that a little stress, a lot of excitement, and a little sadness, and it makes for an overwhelmed Ginger. 😀

The above picture, and the one here > were taken at my daughter’s Bridal Brunch. My youngest girl gets married in a SHORT 2 1/2 weeks. I’m so excited for her because she’s found a great guy. At the same time, I’m sad because while she’ll still be my little girl, she will also belong to someone else, and he’ll have to come first.

I almost didn’t post the picture of me. I’m so NOT photogenic, but I am REAL, so … what you see is what you get.

After the brunch, we went shopping for shoes to go with my dress. I bought a pair of platform heals on clearance at Belk. They’re cute, but I hope I don’t regret the choice. They have a chunky heal, and I have a tall husband, so we should be good. LOL The dress I ordered from Shein was a little long and I didn’t want to hem it, so I opted for a heal instead. I have walked around in them without falling, so I’m going to call that a win.

Last week, I ordered a loveseat for my “office/she cave.” It arrived while we were at church Sunday. 😮 So Monday, part of Tuesday, and some of today (and maybe some tomorrow) I’ve been working to clean and rearrange the room to suit me. No pictures because it’s still a mess. LOL I haven’t even gotten my books back on the bookshelf. 😀 I wanted to make sure I was going to let it live in its current position before I filled it with them.

Tuesday (yesterday), a small group I attend went bowling. I haven’t bowled in YEARS. I did not do well. Surprise! NOT! But to be fair, only two of our group of fifteen surpassed a score of 100, and one of them has her own shoes and ball. haha! My body is berating me today for the use of dormant muscles. 😀

When I came home, after resting, I worked on a project for my daughter’s wedding. She sent me a picture of a mirror with words. I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the info (some of it is cropped for privacy) and placed it on her mirror. I think it came out really nice. The pic doesn’t do it justice. It’s reflecting the ceiling, so the background looks weird.

No words have been written in a couple weeks as life has been a bit stressful.

I have permission to share a little, so … I’m a Gigi (Grandma Ginger). My son and his wife have adopted a beautiful baby boy. Because of legal issues, I can’t share his picture yet. There are other factors that continue to cause stress, so your prayers for this ongoing situation are appreciated. Pictures–lots of them–will flood this space when I’m able. 😀

And that’s all for this week. Stay tuned this weekend for another chapter in Todd and Ellie’s story. I realized I haven’t sent one since Christmas. 😮

Real Life Tip: Something I told my youngest when he was about two, but applies to all of us. Don’t look backwards; you’re not going that way. Learn from the past, but keep your gaze focused on the Son, and He will guide you into the future.






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