P is for Progress

P is for Progress
As I stated several weeks ago, I am participating in NaNoWriMo. You can see that blog here.
Here are a few things I’ve learned from this process:
*I don’t like plotting before writing.
*It’s stressful.
*Getting 2,000 words a day is hard, but doable.
*I have the best husband, who is willing to give up some of his time with me to allow me to write.
Okay, so now the progress part. As of right now, I have 44,796 words complete toward my goal of 50,000. My new goal is to complete the book, which for me usually runs in the 60,000 word range before edits.

I’ve set December aside to edit my last MS to send to the editor and agent who requested it at ACFW conference.

Have you made progress toward a goal you’ve set for yourself? It doesn’t have to be writing related…it could be losing weight, finding a job, or any other goal you’ve set for yourself.


9 thoughts on “P is for Progress

  1. Waiting with you to see you finishing this goal!
    At this moment all I can think of is the goals to get daily stuff done. And that sometimes I do not even achieve fully.

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