No Regrets

Guess what?

I’m writing this post before Monday at 10am. hehe

Today’s post is mostly for moms, but even if you’re not a mom, you know one. If you think this post would help her, share the link.

kids plus one
back(l to r): Kyle, Caleb, Daniel; front (l to r): Deborah, Carla(Kyle’s girlfriend), Adam, Elizabeth, and Stephen (in front of the 7-ft Christmas tree)

Things I’ve done as a mom that I don’t regret:

  • being tough – the nurturer in us wants to be merciful and let our child(ren) get away with not doing things “quite” right, but that doesn’t help them – depending on age, of course.
  • not counting – I once heard, “Delayed obedience is disobedience.” If my child did not obey, there were consequences. Sometimes I would tell them a second time, but I did not EVER count, waiting for them to obey.
  • following up on my threats – ask either of my children, and they’ll tell you that Mom meant what she said. If I threatened a spanking for something, and they disobeyed, they got the spanking. If they acted up in the store, they most definitely did NOT get a toy.
  • teaching my children to fold and put away their own clothes – do they always do it? No, but they know how.
  • making them do chores – every single one of my children can do dishes, sweep a floor, run a vacuum, dust, clean the bathroom, etc. Life lessons. Unless you’re rich, a maid isn’t following behind you cleaning up your messes.
  • saying no
  • teaching them that life isn’t fair
  • expecting more of them than they think they can accomplish
  • taking one of my sons to a psychiatrist and having him tested for ADD, and subsequently putting him on drugs–it has been a night and day change in him (not for everyone, but worked for us)
  • teaching them that they aren’t owed anything, and they have to work to get things
  • making them pay for things (or wait to buy things) (see above) – old enough to have a job? you’re paying for your gas, your fun, your phone. Granted, we pay for the 15 year old’s phone, but she’ll be getting the bill in another month(she’ll be 16). We do pay car insurance, but if they want a car of their own (not communal), they have to buy it.
  • loving them
  • having them–I wouldn’t send one of them back. EVER.
  • spending time talking to them about life, even if they’re reluctant ‘cuz I’m mom
  • playing games with them
  • smiling, hugging, and telling them I love them
  • homeschooling – one of the hardest things and yet the most fulfilling. It’s not for everyone, but for me, there wasn’t another option

If you’re a mom, what is one thing you don’t regret?




6 thoughts on “No Regrets

  1. Ginger, this was an awesome post for all parents to read. Even when we don’t follow through as parents, this list can get us back on track. I respect your parenting and can tell that with the Lord’s help, you have done a great job. Blessings to you!

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I’d like to think I have taught them well, but you know we all have doubts about our parenting abilities at one time or another. Blessings to you in return.

  2. I love this! Great post. The one thing I don’t regret is helping them chase their passions!
    I’m so glad I let them dance and do it competitively. Ty is a composed confident woman who is not afraid to stand up in front of a thousand people and share her testimony or sit one on one and share the gospel because she spent years dancing in front of thousands of people including world famous choreographers/dancers. It is helping Christian overcome his fears and realize things that God placed within him which he was alway too shy to let out with out it. It’s not easy to get out and dance on that stage all alone and then have experts judge you. He’s learning so much about himself and life just by chasing a passion.

    1. That’s a good one, Stacy.

      Let them follow their passions–even if it doesn’t necessarily line up with what you think they should do (as long as it stays Biblical, of course).

  3. Hi Ginger.

    Thank you for your honesty. You might not have everyone agree with you. We do our best. At times it’s hard.

    I’m against medications because I know people who lost their lives to it. Instead of helping it caused more harm than good.

    And I feel sorry for mothers who lost their children to suicide because of prescriptions given to their children.

    All the best to you and your family!

    God Bless!

    1. Everyone has to make their own decisions when it comes to meds. It’s a highly personal decision, and one I didn’t make without much prayer, sweat, and tears. But it has made a difference in my son; he’s a much happier child and more productive because of the decision we made.

      I’m sorry people you know have lost their lives.

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