New Summer Schedule

Let’s be honest, shall we? I’m struggling with writing–not just books but blogs as well. The evidence shows itself with how often I procrastinate doing these blog posts and wind up publishing them late in the day.

For the summer, at least, I will only post every other week’ish. We’ll continue the monthly recipe post, and the devotion/worship post, and every once in a while I will post some ramblings, book recommendations or novel news (if I have any).

I will be out of town for most of July, so I think I will take that month off totally. I want to enjoy my trip (Germany) and not have to worry about the posts or replying to comments, not that y’all are chatty at all. 😮

And if you’ve read this far without seeing a picture, you’re a die-hard reader, and I want you to know HOW VERY MUCH I appreciate you.



4 thoughts on “New Summer Schedule

  1. Enjoy Germany! And don’t worry about your blog. We’ll be here when you get back. I don’t think God calls us to be on the internet as much as everyone claims we should be, anyway, and He definitely doesn’t want us to be slaves to social media! 😄 Have a relaxing summer and enjoy your friends and family.

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