My first ACFW conference experience

At times writing is a chore and other times it is invigorating. That pretty much sums up my much anticipated trip to St. Louis for the ACFW conference.

I enjoyed meeting many new people, and seeing “famous” authors (Colleen Coble, Tracie Peterson, Brandilyn Collins, Gail Gaymer Martin and so many others). I loved my roommate Nancy Farrier. What a wonderful, godly woman.

On the other hand, it was discouraging. I kind of knew that my book wasn’t going to be “popular,” but I really wanted some feed back that my writing has potential. Mrs. Martin said some positive things in my appointment with her (thank you), but my next appointment went so badly (as I expected it to do – is it bad that I expected the worst?) that her words became nearly forgotten. I was nowhere near what that particular publisher wanted – plot driven vs. character driven, wrong setting, wrong characters – but to give her credit, she tried to be very nice about it.

The discouragement didn’t really hit me until the drive home yesterday – seven hours in the car gave me a lot of time to think. What if I’m just not meant to be a writer? What if all the time I spend writing I should be doing something else? Am I trying to do this for my glory or God’s?

I went to conference praying for divine revelation and came home wondering if I missed God somewhere along the way.

So that’s my experience at the ACFW conference. I pray that all the other newcomers went home encouraged and hopeful.


3 thoughts on “My first ACFW conference experience

  1. Ginger – you went and met with publishers, that’s a huge deal! I have yet to do that. One key thing I noted above was your story was far from what THAT publisher wanted. That doesn’t speak to your writing, only to your niche/genre. Don’t focus on the negative(I know, really, really, really hard to do, especially as a writer), use it as the constructive tool it is meant to be. And remember, it’s a journey. You made a big step in the journey just by going.

  2. Ginger, you are a very good writer. If you persevere I have no doubt that you will get published some day. Your writing is strong, and it will only get stronger and stronger the longer you write. And Susan is right. You made a big positive step just by going, and like you told me, you learned a lot. It is a journey.

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