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Music — My Ultimate De-stresser — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Ginger: God is building in you a powerful life message. Even the title of your page “Finding Faith When Your Bed of Roses Includes Thorns” says what you are all about.

    I am dealing with suicidal people online, struggling boys locked up at the Juvenile center here in Central Texas, and I am seeing how the battles I’m my life that I thought would never end have prepared me to minister to these hurting people.

    You will get through it all and God will make you stronger.

    • God bless you , James, as minister to the depressed and struggling.

      My son and I just had this conversation last week–about our trials and sufferings giving us the tools we need to minister to others.

      I am not worried about being stronger (not physically, anyway). I never want to be so strong as to think I don’t need the Lord anymore. But I do understand what you mean. What I ask of God through this experience is for an increase in faith.