Monday Review – “Coming Undone” by Staci Stallings

I’ll be honest; the first couple chapters of this book were hard for me. I didn’t like Ben. However, once I got past his selfish attitude and saw it for what it was – a cover-up for his miserable life, I started enjoying the book.

I didn’t want to put it down. I found myself coming back to it when I really should have been doing other things – like fixing dinner or writing this blog.  😮

Kudos to Ms. Stallings for touching on the subject of the loss of a loved one and all the pain that it involves – not only with the actual loss, but with all the details that go along with it. Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea. She dealt with it in a manner which suggests she herself has been there and if she hasn’t, she deserves even more credit for writing about it so accurately.


Ben Warren has life all figured out. At 35, he’s successful in his work, and free as a bird everywhere else. He has no desire to be tied down like some of his friends, and he sees no reason to change that. Then the unthinkable happens and causes him to rethink everything about everything.
Kathryn Walker can’t figure out what she’s doing wrong in the dating department. The rest of her life makes sense. She’s compassionate, strong, honest, hard-working and still alone. She wonders if she is doomed to spend forever single. Little does she know that fate is taking a major turn in her life. In fact, she doesn’t even see it happening until it has. Can she ever get past the fact that Mr. Right didn’t show up in the way she thought he would?

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