Monday Ramblings

What happened to the last week?

It flew by me without me even knowing, I think. One day it was Monday, the next it was Friday or so it seemed.

I was running around like a chicken with its head chopped off. What a gruesome sight that is – and yes, I have seen it. Blech!

Everyday I wanted to get some writing and reading done, but it seemed as if my family and my animals conspired against me, not to mention my own body. I think I walked around in a fog for the majority of the week for some unknown reason. I couldn’t seem to think straight and it took me longer than normal just to do mundane tasts.

I plan to do better this week, but will be out of the house 5 out of 5 days – such fun, NOT. I’m a homebody and would rather be home reading, writing or just about anything than have to DO something everyday. As I wait in doctor’s and dentists offices, I plan to read, read, read.

Does your week look as busy as mine? How do you handle it?


2 thoughts on “Monday Ramblings

  1. Most weeks look like that during the school year for me. This year I made a few changes. Wednesdays the kids got to a homeschool program which allows me six hours of writing time. Sundays I dedicate to reading. I’m always trying to add in more hours here and there, but this way–if I can’t–I don’t stress quite as much because I know I have my Wednesday and Sunday still.

  2. Oh, six hours of quiet writing time? Heavenly.

    Our homeschool co-op is 40 minutes away and requires that I be there, so no time to write. It’s hard to find an hour to spend on my writing, which is what I need to get into the story.

    Thanks for commenting. 🙂

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