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Missin’ Momma — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been missing my mom a lot lately. She died on Mother’s Day, 2009. I would say:
    *Thanks for being my friend, as well as my mom.
    *I hope your proud of how we’re trying to take care of Dad. He misses you terribly but he is making the best of his situation.
    *Sara misses you. She loved you so much.
    *Sometimes the things that come out of my mouth sound just like you! And even my laugh at times. I think it’s gotten louder over the years.
    *I realized I’ve inherited your desire to take care of people & do whatever I can for them.
    *I wish you were here. I really miss you so incredibly much.
    Love, Anita
    (p.s.-thanks Ginger)

  2. I’m calling my mama now:) I am amazed how deeply my love and appreciation for her grew as I had children. You’re so right, I can never say “thank-you” or “I love you” enough.

  3. Anita: {{{Hugs}}}

    Susan: Good for you. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives so much that we forget to be appreciative of the people who mean so much to us.