Missin’ Momma

Taken ~ 1987

There are times in life when you want your momma to talk to, to share with. Tonight is one of those nights. Even though my momma has been gone for over nine years now. I still miss her. She died a few days after my 6th child was born (I think she was holding on until he was born). 

Her birthday is this week. She would have been 82.

Some things I would tell my mom if she were still here:

  • I love you (I should have said it far more often).
  • Thanks for being my mom and trying your best.
  • Thanks for supporting me in whatever I wanted to do.
  • I never realized how hard your job (being mom) was.
  • You would love my 6th and 7th children. I’m sorry you didn’t get to meet them.
  • God loves you.

I’m sure there are many more. These are just on my heart at the moment.

If your mom is still around, make sure you show your appreciation of how much she’s done for you, and tell her that you love her.

If your mom has passed, like mine, what would you say to her now if you had the chance?


3 thoughts on “Missin’ Momma

  1. I’ve been missing my mom a lot lately. She died on Mother’s Day, 2009. I would say:
    *Thanks for being my friend, as well as my mom.
    *I hope your proud of how we’re trying to take care of Dad. He misses you terribly but he is making the best of his situation.
    *Sara misses you. She loved you so much.
    *Sometimes the things that come out of my mouth sound just like you! And even my laugh at times. I think it’s gotten louder over the years.
    *I realized I’ve inherited your desire to take care of people & do whatever I can for them.
    *I wish you were here. I really miss you so incredibly much.
    Love, Anita
    (p.s.-thanks Ginger)

  2. I’m calling my mama now:) I am amazed how deeply my love and appreciation for her grew as I had children. You’re so right, I can never say “thank-you” or “I love you” enough.

  3. Anita: {{{Hugs}}}

    Susan: Good for you. Sometimes we get caught up in our lives so much that we forget to be appreciative of the people who mean so much to us.

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