Lesson from Life – God’s Grace

This past Sunday, our pastor shared a sermon on grace. Before he spoke a video was shown of two little boys who woke up early and went out to the barn to play. After a few minutes, they found a mud puddle and proceeded to play in it. After a little bit of play time — long enough to get good and dirty — their dad showed up. He had a stern face, and both boys looked up at him sheepishly. If you’ve had guilty children, you’ve seen the look. The camera pans around to the dad’s back where he was hiding a water hose. A twinkle appeared in his eyes as he started squirting his sons with water. He started a full-fledged water fight, with lots of smiles and laughter.

This is a picture of our Father’s grace. We are dirty, and he takes the anointing of Holy Spirit and washes us when we ask for forgiveness. It’s not something we earn or deserve, but He gives it freely.

Then my quiet time Monday was about grace. I did a little studying, and here is what I found…

Grace means favor, goodwill; a manifestation of favor; mercy, clemency, pardon

Then I found a few verses:

  • Eph. 2:8-9 – God saved us by his GRACE
  • Rom. 6:15 – God’s GRACE has set us free from the law
  • Rom. 11:5 – God’s GRACE is a manifestation of undeserved kindness
What does grace mean to YOU?