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K is for Kangaroos — 10 Comments

  1. G’day Ginger!

    Aw! See, you mustn’t hate me too much after all those critiques that I send back looking like a packet of cookie crumbs. 🙂

    Thank you for the zombie reference… I think. Took a couple of days to get used to the time difference.

    Tim Tams ARE rather addictive. I don’t share mine at home. You’d totally understand if you tasted them. They are the sort of biccy (cookie) that you bring out laaaate at night when no small people can hear the crinkle of the packet and beg you to share. 🙂

    Speaking of using kangaroos for the K word… You could have also used Koala’s, Kookaburra’s, Cassowary (has a “k’ sound, that’s close, right?), Kakadu, or Kylie Minogue. All things from Australia that start with a “K”.

    Thank you for the honour of having an entire blog post about me. I loved meeting you as well. Shed a tear or two when you left. And it wasn’t just the dust in my eyes. 😉

    What a privilege to have you as a critique partner, but also as a friend. God bless. Lucy

  2. Do I detect a slight accent? You’re good, Ginger. Southern, Scottish, and Australian.

    I’ve heard awesome things about Tim Tams. The first time I heard about them was from Anna Campbell. Another writer from Aussie.

    I sure missed seeing you ladies. I’m planning next year for sure. Got to start saving.

  3. phooeey…Blogger <- eyeroll It wouldn’t let me reply below your posts.

    Lucy: I shared my Tim Tams BEFORE I tasted them. 🙂 And I NEED your packages of cookie crumbs regularly.

    Christina: LOL on the accents. I look forward to meeting you in person sometime soon.


  4. For all its failings, the BEST thing about the Internet, besides being able to shop online, has to be the connections made over distance and time that were, until our generation, insurmountable!