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Juggling responsibilities — 2 Comments

  1. Oh Ginger! I SO know what you’re talking about! We have a dish schedule and a cleaning schedule and I’ve found I can recycle my lesson assignments for the younger boys–a huge time-saver, as you well know.

    The good news? Once the schedules are ironed out, life flows so much easier, which gives cracks of time for writing. 😉

  2. Stuff doesn’t get done in my home. My house is a mess. I’m addicted to the internet and writing and reading. I spend most of my free time doing the above-mentioned things. I don’t like cooking and my cooking is sometimes kind of bland since I have to cut back on the salt used to cook foods because of my high-blood-pressure problem.
    I work full-time (so does my hubby) and my day job is getting more hectic and time-consuming. We have one child and he’s either at school or camp during the day plus he has karate two nights per week. When the house gets really terrible looking that’s when I just stop and do something about it.