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Interview with Carla Olson Gade — 16 Comments

  1. I am slightly envious of all the writing time you have! It’s great to meet you, Carla and congrats on your novel–looks great!

  2. Thank you! Nice to meet you, too, Susan. Trust me, I paid my dues. It is great to finally have the freedom to write as I wish now. I never thought I’d see the day.

    • Such a grand time, Carrie. We both loved meeting you, you’re the best hostess ever. And I agree with Deb, you should get paid from CW for your PR work, a least give you a free lifetime membership! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Congratulations Carla! I look forward to both stories this year and this plot line sounds great!

    Williamsburg should pay Carrie for her PR work, don’t you think?

    Thanks for hosting, Ginger. Cute blog and I’m surprised I haven’t caught it before.

  4. Congratulations on your debut, Carla! I enjoyed your interview and envy you your writing time. Your stories all sound wonderful. It’s my first time visiting your lovely blog, Ginger. Very nice!

    • Thank you, Lisa! That’s quite the compliment coming from you! Nice of you to come by ~ Ginger’s blog is so nice. I’m so glad she invited me here for an interview.

  5. Hi Carla! Oh, how I envy your time to spend writing, but I’m thankful you can (enjoy it for me, too, please!). I agree re: Castle since it’s one of the few TV shows I watch. You and I have many things in common, it seems. I loved the description of your book about how she opened the uncharted territory of his heart. That’s terrific! Congrats on your writing success, now and in the future. Many blessings to you. I’d love to win your book! I’m at jdurgin9587@att.net.

  6. Hi, Carla. Congratulations on your debut. The book sounds wonderful. And like so many others, I wish I had as much time to write as you do. Actually, what I really need is more discipline to write in the time I have.

  7. Hi Ginger! Hi Carla!

    This sounds like an interesting story, I love the title 🙂

    All the best as you write for His glory!


    I’d love to win a copy of “The Shadow Catchers Daughter”, my email is: dingo4mum [at] yahoo [dot]com (dot) au