Faith Like a Child

This week I assigned a paper to one of my children asking for him/her to explain his/her relationship with God. I asked permission before posting this. My child prefers to stay anonymous.

I hope it reminds you of who God is and how we should have Faith like a child.

My relationship with God is strong, but it can use improvement.

I pray at least once a day every day and usually more. I love God very, very much and I know He loves me even more than I can imagine.

God is the one person I know I can trust. I know He will never fail me and he will always be there for me.

I want to serve God with all my heart and I want to know Him better. I read my Bible and I speak to Him and worship Him. I want my relationship with Him to get stronger and stronger.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not good enough for God or that He’s forgotten about me, but I know it’s not true. I know He will always be there as long as I want Him to be. He is a gentleman. If I kick Him out of my life, He will still be there waiting when I come back because He never leaves, but I have to open the door if I want forgiveness and healing.

Man will always fail me, but God never will. With God I shall fear nothing. God is my light in the darkness and my joy in sadness. He will care for me even when no one else will.

When all is lost and I don’t know what to do or who I am, I can find myself in Him. He has a purpose for me and i may not know it now, but He will show me in the future and I will serve Him and obey Him even when I don’t know why He is asking me to do things I don’t understand.

I’m not biased in the least, but I think it explains how our Faith really should be like that of a child. I need to work on this. How about you?


Not so much a baby anymore. 🙁

PS. I am going to publicly embarrass my First daughter and wish her a happy 15th birthday right here on my blog. Happy Birthday sweet one. 🙂

Baby Elizabeth


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  1. Precious words. They grow up so fast. My baby will be 30 in a few months….I don’t know how that can be. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the blessings.

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