Distractions — 8 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh. I have the attention span of a gnat. Everything distracts me, especially when I’m stuck on a tricky plot point. You’re not alone!

    I didn’t know you were at Blue Ridge. This was my first year there. Loved it!

    • Re: BRMCWC – I was the rose on the wall (aka the wallflower).

      I am a TRUE introvert. It was my first year as well, and I tend to stand back and watch A LOT in new situations. 🙂

      I loved it as well. God really spoke to me through the classes I took and the keynote speakers. It was an awesome experience. I will definitely be going back next year (as the Lord wills).

  2. I know where you’re coming from, Ginger. When I received rejection letters for my first ms, I’d toss everything into a closet. Then, a few months later I’d pull it all back out, look at the letter with fresh vision, and roll up my sleeves and get back to work. Don’t give up, Ginger! Take that rejection letter and make a short list of what items were mentioned, then you’ll see how close you really are. Hang in there!

    • Thanks for the advice, Dora. When I finish editing this current MS and get it out to the agent who requested it, I will go back to that other MS and see if I can work on the things pointed out to me.


  3. D is for DON’T quit. That’s what the DEVIL wants. Just put it away for awhile and get it out later and you will see it with fresh eyes and heart and hear God’s voice for it. I agree with Dora. Make a list and give the devil a black eye!

  4. Praying for you, Ginger and like Karla said, don’t quit. 🙂

    I’m the introvert too, so I can relate. A lot of times those rejections are more painful then we first realize. I’m so thankful that God knows and understands, even when we don’t.

    As for distractions… I guess for me, it’s the many things that pull at me throughout the day. It can be my ‘to do’ list, or spending too much time on social media and email. You name it, the list seems to mount from time to time. I guess the key is asking our Heavenly Father each morning – “What and where should I focus my priorities today?”