December 22nd, 21 years ago…

…I woke up single. I was young and in love. I think I slept pretty good…I don’t remember.  I do remember being up early. The wedding was scheduled to start at 2:00 pm. I wanted to go to the hairdresser beforehand, so I could have plenty of time to get to the church and make sure everything was ready.

We were doing this thing ourselves. No money for anything. I borrowed the dress – GASP. The church was predecorated with poinsettias. Family made and brought most of the food for the reception. We bought the flowers (fake), and the cake. We paid for the church, which is where I had been attending before we met. We paid for the organist, who played regularly at said church. It was all done on the CHEAP. I was working full-time as a secretary (administrative assistant) and he was going to school full-time and working part-time (and still making more money than me).

Anyway I went to the hairdresser and horror of horrors I let that lady talk me into a perm. How stupid! It turned out okay, but I don’t suggest EVER getting a perm the day of your wedding.

The day progressed. I don’t remember much really. I have pictures to remind me. 🙂 

Things I do remember:

  • We started promptly at 2:00 pm and people walked in behind me.
  • My maid of honor, Tammie, dropped the ring and it rolled down the steps.
  • We finished promptly at 2:15 pm.
  • My father, in ill-health, left before the reception was over.
  • Someone, I think Richard’s uncle, threw birdseed down my dress as we were leaving.
  • Birdseed also got stuck in the seatbelt of the car and we had to fix it before we could leave.  🙂

One thing that I didn’t realize: I rocked back and forth on my feet during the entire ceremony. I have it on video. It’s hilarious.

Here is a picture of our wedding party. From left to right: Jennifer, Brenda, Tammie, myself (obviously), Richard, Johnny, John and Robbie.

 Oh, to be that skinny again.

If you’re married, what amusing thing do you remember from your wedding? If you’re single, share about someone else’s wedding (just don’t tell us their names, we want to protect their dignity…LOL).

Blessed beyond measure,



2 thoughts on “December 22nd, 21 years ago…

  1. So sweet:) Lots of great memories from my wedding, but the funniest was when Hubby dropped the wedding cake down the front of my dress while trying to feed it to me, felt awful and reached in to dig it out–in front of my brothers,father, 250 guests–then realized what he was doing! Someone caught the moment on camera and the look on both our faces…ha! But hey, we were married by that point! Still makes us laugh today:)

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