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  1. Loved this touching scene from ‘Stealing Jake’ – such a beautiful book – and the fascinating Corn Husk Doll Tutorial. Thank you!! Brought back memories of corn-picking days, as a child on my parents’ farm.

    Shared post!!

    • Bonnie, so glad you stopped by! I remember very little about picking field corn on the farm, because Daddy mostly ran dairy cattle when I was a kid and we had to buy a special mix of pellets to fee the cows. The pellets were delivered in a big truck with an auger boom on it that filled the grain bin from the top.

      But we did grow a small amount of sweet corn to eat, but I don’t have a lot of memories of picking it. I do remember not long after my husband and I married that a neighbor offered him two 5-gallon buckets of sweet corn. He had no clue that some corn could get too hard and starchy to be worth the trouble, but he was so proud of himself for bringing that corn home.

      So, I put cut it ALL of the cob and put it up. I’m not sure we ever ate all of it, it was so starchy! lol