BUJO-RLT a Day Late

So sorry y’all. Somehow my week got away from me and I forgot to post yesterday. But I’m here today, so let’s get this going. 🙂

I decided on a blueberry theme for July. I found this cute wreath on Pinterest and while it’s by no means an exact copy, it’s as close as this non-artist can get.

July’s verse:

Hebrews 2:1

So we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift away from it.

This verse really struck me this month. Meditate on it a bit, will you? And make sure the “truth” you are listening to lines up with the TRUTH this verse is speaking about.

Simplicity is what I’m about this month. So I stuck to greens and blues throughout.

I’m trying a new weekly layout this month. I’ve found that I just wasn’t utilizing my notes and menu sections much, so I condensed them down into smaller areas just in case I actually tried to meal plan or thought of something I wanted to note. I’ve also added habit trackers. These haven’t worked the best in the past, and I’m still not fully filling them out, but it keeps me mindful of fulfilling some of these goals each day.

And that’s the end of my bullet journal spreads for July 2022.

If I could go back and fix a thing or two, I’d not add the line shadowing around the title on the cover page, and I would pay attention to the J and keep it consistent throughout. 🙁

One day, I’ll take the time to practice my handwriting so it looks less like scribble, but not today. 🙂


Take the time to learn people’s names and use them. Calling people by name let’s them know that you SEE them and they’re not just a random face you are speaking to at that given moment.



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