Be Still

This is such a hard concept for me. Be Still. I’m not sure I know how because even when my body is resting, my brain is running from one thought to another.

Last night at our small group one of the other ladies asked me if I’m ever still. And the answer is no. I’m not. Even when I’m watching TV, I’m almost always doing something else – playing a game on my I-pad or

crocheting, or answering e-mails.

During my quiet time, I have found if I don’t write in a journal, my thoughts wander. My prayer time has become a letter to God, but sometimes… if I’m honest, most times… I forget to wait for God’s answer.

It’s not that I don’t want to hear it, I do. I just find myself moving on to the next thing because I don’t know how to be still and listen to Him speak to me.

Have you ever struggled with quieting your mind enough to allow your spirit to hear God? How did you overcome the incessant need to move on?

Please share your thoughts. I don’t want to miss God’s voice because I have made myself too busy to hear it.



2 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. When my mind won’t slow, I turn on the worship music and play solitaire or some other mindless game. I settle down, a song catches my heart and I’m in listening mode…

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