Are You in the Dark?

are you in the dark

This looks like it’s just a black box, but it’s not. There are words. Words you can’t see because they’re black words on a black background.

To me, this represents the majority of our culture. The truth is in front of them, but there’s not enough light to reveal it.


A single candle can light a room enough to see. But our churches are without the Light. They preach what tickles the ears of their congregants instead of the Word. The attendees come to “see” people or to be seen instead of to worship their Creator. They leave at the end of the service emptier than when they arrived. It’s sad.

But it only takes one light, willing to let its light shine in the darkness. Someone who will go forth and share the Good News of the Gospel, the whole gospel,  not bits and pieces as it “fits” our lifestyle. I could give you verse after verse to uphold my position, but I’d almost be quoting the entire New Testament.

Here’s the first picture again, with some light shining on it.

are you in the dark 2

Are living in the dark? Whatever moniker you apply to yourself—Christian, pastor, evangelist, born-again, whatever—they mean nothing. You have to be a follower, one who obeys the Word of God and follows His commands to be walking in Light. WE have to.

There’s an old Kathy Triccoli song called “Go Light Your World.” It gives me tingles every time I listen to it. But we can’t light our world without the Light. We’d be the blind leading the blind.

Make sure you have the Light, and then go share it with others.




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    1. Thanks, Tina. I have read a few of your posts. I confess to not reading them all. 🙁

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