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Are Christians the problem or the solution? — 2 Comments

  1. Very good thoughts, Ginger. Not practicing what we preach.

    And I would add that RELIGION is the biggest problem, and unfortunately that’s what the world often sees. Religion is what’s left over after God has already been there and moved on, and we have failed to follow. It’s the pettiness, the emphasis on morality, as if that were the goal. Religion is being satisfied with merely having good theology and a list of spiritual chores we feel we must perform in order to draw down God’s favor. Christianity needs no such list, just as a deep love between a man and woman needs no performance list.

    Many “religious” people have strong beliefs which they would go down in flames defending, and yet when it comes to really loving and trusting God, they have no clue. Real Christianity means we lift everyone around us, not just because we are filled with the principles of God, but because we’re filled with the Presence of God.

    Religion is wanting to convert everybody without loving them. Religion separates itself from sinners, but real Christianity means risking our reputation to invite them HOME. People need to see JESUS in us, not just good morals. If people see the real Jesus in us, they will run to Him…