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  1. So does that mean you are ‘counting your chickens before they hatch’ or not?? 😉

    My Saturday involved me waking up with a bed full of toddlers plus my sister. Ok, maybe it wasn’t quite a FULL bed but it sure felt like it! We chatted, tidied up, read books together, and then attended a wedding of a couple from my church. The wedding was held in the middle of a lucerne (alfalfa) paddock. Lots of lovely white chairs and white umbrellas. Because of the toddlers we sat in the back row which was made of haybales covered with calico and tied with brown string. Very striking! Afterwards we got to drink punch, eat various slices, chat etc. We went home and chatted some more, tidied up, and then my sister went home. 🙁 Miss her! I pottered for the rest of the arvo and tried to work on some more edits. All in all, a lovely day. 🙂