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And Still I Will Trust — 6 Comments

  1. Hey, Ginger,
    One thing for certain is that God is building a life-message in you. Years from now, people will read that message on your heart.

    I had a similar experience with my ears about 24 yrs ago. I had developed a debilitating dizziness problem, and suffered with it for months. A specialist told me it would never go away, and that I couldn’t fly anymore. (I was a pilot, had founded my own aviation business and needed to fly.)

    I got really earnest and fervent with God, and the next day, I was healed. (I have left out some details for brevity) I was able to share that experience with my customers, some of them very influential, and through the years the Lord blessed our business and we supported ten different ministries around the world.

    Stories like mine I am sure you have heard before, but consider this: The battle often comes with an attack upon the area where we are strongest, not the weakest. If we want to go deeper with God, he will allow a giant to stand in our way.

    You will win. It is your destiny. I and many others will stand with you…

    James N. Miller

  2. Ginger, at one point during practice yesterday I noticed you closed your eyes, more from a “need” basis than a worship basis. And I was praying for you. I was thanking Him for the doctors and quick test results. But now I too will be thanking Him for the healing work that is coming for you! I alway count it an honor to be your friend, but it is not just an honor but a blessing to pray for His victory over this situation and to thank Him for the healing work that is to come!

    • Yes, I was having a hard time with the lights yesterday. At one point, I wasn’t sure if I would make it through the worship. I thank you for your prayers. They definitely helped as I did indeed manage to stay on stage the whole time, and as long as I looked at the floor or closed my eyes, I did okay.