A2Z take 2 “V”


Not only is this my given name (sshhh, don’t tell anyone), but it is also the state where I was born and raised. In one little section of my heart it will always be “home,” though I doubt I will ever live there again.

Mabry Mill – off the Blue Ridge Pkwy

Warning short history lesson: Jamestown was founded in 1607 by the English. Virginia was the tenth state to ratify the Constitution June 25, 1788. It seceded with ten other states in 1861 to form the Confederate States of America.

Amazingly, I have found that in the south, people think I’m a northerner (ha, as if, no offense to all you northerners out there), but in the north, people think I’m a southerner. Does this mean I don’t have a discernible accent?  LOL

Winter sunrise, courtesy of my M-I-L

Maybe I’m just not AS southern, as say Alabama or Mississippi. Maybe. But I still grew up eating grits, fried okra, and a host of other southern dishes, and, oh, can’t forget the sweet tea. Have mercy.

So for all you folks that haven’t ever been to VA, let’s see if I can post some pictures. Enjoy.