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A2Z take 2 “Q” — 4 Comments

  1. With three homeschooling, my house can be filled with laughter and music, but usually during school hours everyone is separated, doing her own thing – very quiet! LOVE IT! If I do need concentrated time, I announce that my door is closing. Closed door – don’t even knock! Since I rarely do that it means a lot when I do.

  2. With the children married and moved out, I get plenty of quiet. Some times too much. But when that happens, I’ll get the granddaughters over and the house is livened up all over again…

  3. Marjilaine – Since there are 9 of us in a 5 bedroom house, only one person has their own space (and it’s not me), so they’re all over the house. My writing space is in my bedroom which is just off the family room/kitchen and it can be a noisy place. Therefore, the door gets closed to cut back on some of the sound. They all know they can knock at any time (unless the sign is up). 🙂

    Jennifer – Sometimes I dream of a house that’s quiet, but then I know I’ll miss the joyful noises that happen right now. Bittersweet reality, I suppose. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting.

  4. I have the same challenge. Eight of us in a 4 bedroom home, and one of those eight is my 1-year-old grandson. Quiet is hard to come by. I may borrow your emergency sign tactic.
    Usually, when I can’t stand it, I put in ear plugs. Or wear my MP3 ear buds. Somehow the teenagers have great respect for someone with ear buds in, as opposed to someone reading a book or sitting quietly alone somewhere. : )