A2Z-take 2 “L”

When was the last time you laughed until your belly hurt or tears came to your eyes?
I don’t laugh like that as much as I should, but one time I did comes to my mind often. It was at the 2011 ACFW Conference in St. Louis. 
I was sitting at the table with a few new friends (I really only knew one person in the flesh before walking in the front door) eating dinner during the Genesis and Carol Awards Banquet. We were talking about beef. Somehow the conversation turned to unappetizing parts of a bull (though some people do eat them, yuck) and I mentioned seeing on a “reality” tv show about a lady who took a certain part of the bull and made a purse. She was trying to sell it in a pawn shop. We got to laughing (though writing it out, it doesn’t sound as amusing as it was at the time) and I couldn’t stop. My table companions kept making funny comments and I laughed so hard I cried. 
It was a completely clean, yet kind of gross topic. To this day, all I have to do is ask a certain someone if she needs a new purse and I’m sure we both smile (at least I do).
I’m sure most, if not all, of you have heard the verse in Proverbs 17:22 about a cheerful heart being like good medicine. I have read that laughter strengthens the immune system among other benefits.
So, I’ll ask again…when was the last time you laughed until your belly hurt or tears came to your eyes?

7 thoughts on “A2Z-take 2 “L”

  1. Great example and story. I have read children laugh 300 times a day and adults only average 12. We have much to learn from kids.

  2. Tears of laughter are in my eyes as I read this post! I will FOREVER remember the laughter we shared that night. Anyone need a new purse? Great Post, Ginger!

  3. As a newspaper copyeditor/proofreader, Jay Leno’s “headlines” skit is a never-fail belly laugh generator for me.
    It’s interesting that when I find myself battling with depression, God always sends me a reason to laugh until I can’t stop. I think it’s like the way we tickle our kids when they pout. : )

  4. That kind of laughter is wonderful!! Just recently, when I was with my two sisters and our parents, I had to joy of great laughs. What a gift!! =]

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