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A2Z-take 2 “L” — 7 Comments

  1. Great example and story. I have read children laugh 300 times a day and adults only average 12. We have much to learn from kids.

  2. Tears of laughter are in my eyes as I read this post! I will FOREVER remember the laughter we shared that night. Anyone need a new purse? Great Post, Ginger!

  3. As a newspaper copyeditor/proofreader, Jay Leno’s “headlines” skit is a never-fail belly laugh generator for me.
    It’s interesting that when I find myself battling with depression, God always sends me a reason to laugh until I can’t stop. I think it’s like the way we tickle our kids when they pout. : )

  4. That kind of laughter is wonderful!! Just recently, when I was with my two sisters and our parents, I had to joy of great laughs. What a gift!! =]