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A House Divided: White vs Multi-Colored Christmas Lights by Elizabeth Maddrey — 15 Comments

  1. I agree that white lights are peaceful and colored lights are joyful. I have used both, but normally I go with colored lights on the inside and white on the outside. I love the peaceful look of white lights surrounding a house at Christmas time. I have always wanted a fairly large nativity for my front yard, but don’t have one, YET. Maybe this will be the year!

  2. We prefer the colored lights on our tree, but enjoy trees that have all white lights. We also prefer to cut our own tree and love the smell of the tree in our home. We choose a tree that is tall enough to just touch the ceiling, because my hubby doesn’t like looking down on the tree. We like to sit around the tree and sing carols every night. Some years we read a chapter every night from a special Christmas book. I collect nativities, and even have one that the children can play with.

  3. I like both, so on the tree inside we have multi-colored lights and on the outside of the house we put white lights.

  4. We do colored lights on the tree and white lights are the stars above our Christmas village and nativity scene. Best of both worlds. 🙂

  5. We do an artificial tree for convenience sake, but it’s got to have colored lights…the kids (17 & 20) still insist!

  6. Colored lights for me! Although I will admit, I like white lights outside. Especially when it’s snowing out, they look absolutely beautiful.

  7. I live with my 93 year old grandma in her mobile home so we don’t have very much space. We have a fake tree as I am allergic to real trees (instant migraine). We both love the colored blinking lights and the lights have to blink!!! Or grandma isn’t happy, lol. I agree though I love the different colors and I love the blinking ones. I have to admit though driving by a house with all white lights does give a peaceful, calm feeling.