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So much for getting out a blog post a week. It’s been almost a month. How is that possible? *sigh*

So, I was planning to post two this week to make up for last week’s miss. But since I missed so many, I won’t.


It’s not fair to inundate you with my thoughts, etc multiple times in one week because I am utterly forgetful.

Instead, I will post today and again next week–though I’ll probably write it today so I don’t miss. lol

So here’s my latest news …

So, last time, I showed you my mock-ups for Love Under Construction, and the thought processes that went into the making of this cover.

Well, below is the final product. If you go back and check out that post, or at least the pictures I posted, you’ll see that I made a few changes. And you don’t even get to see where I changed his shirt color, her hair color, fiddled with the background, adjusted the ground color (I actually replaced it entirely), etc. Obviously, his shirt and her hair returned to their normal shades in the original picture.

I’m still not COMPLETELY happy with it, but I finally had to throw up my hands and call it done.

With all that said, here’s what you need to know:

One night of saying yes too many times results in Cassie Nichols being jobless, homeless, and sick. All. The. Time. With limited options, she searches for the father of her baby, who disappeared after their one night together.

Kade Grimaldi leads a boring life—get up, go to work at his construction company, come home, sleep, and then do it all over again. Until a young woman he’s never seen before knocks on his door and makes some outlandish accusations that astonish him.

Cassie doesn’t find what she’s searching for; instead, she found something better. Kade isn’t looking for a relationship, but it lands on his doorstep just the same.

Together, theirs is a Love Under Construction.

Link to buy: Amazon

I HOPE to have a print version available in the next few weeks, so if you like to feel the book in your beautiful hands and smell the printed page, keep a look out for it. I’ll likely post the announcement here, tagged at the end of some post or another. 🙂

Happy reading,




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