2013 in Review and What’s New for 2014

What a year. This time last year I had no clue what the year would hold. It’s been a time of growth, the end of seasons, and some heartache.

I posted two goals last year: “lose weight (which will require I get off my backside and exercise), and take the plunge by sending out my writing to agents.” I’m sad to say that while I did lose fifteen pounds in the spring, I gained much of it back over the summer and fall, and I never did get my writing sent to agents.

However, I DID do a few things:

  • sold my horses – bittersweet
  • sold a novel – to be released in 2014
  • read over 200 new books – I lost track after August, so this is just an estimate
  • started my 16th year of homeschooling
  • went to Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference – had an absolutely wonderful time and met some new friends
  • joined Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas… Oh My! as a co-blogger
  • found a wonderful critique group
  • loved my family
  • tried some new recipes – some winners, some losers
  • made new friends
  • started a Twitter account – @GingerS219
  • started a Pinterest account – GingerSolomon – it’s still really new, so there’s not much there
Some things I hope to do in 2014:
  • laugh more
  • love better
  • live life to the fullest
  • lose weight
  • lift up the glorious name of Jesus without reservation
  • leave behind the insecurities and send the MS I’ve been working on for eight months
Today is your last chance to comment to win books in my New Year Giveaway. If you haven’t been keeping up, shame on you. 🙂  However, you can find out about the books and giveaway here.
What did you do in 2013 that you are proud to say you did or name one thing you’d like to accomplish in 2014?

4 thoughts on “2013 in Review and What’s New for 2014

  1. I Love your intentions for 2014. I’m proud of the way I finished my caregiving job and became more accountable in my writing. And for 2014, my goal is to become more prolific in my writing…and paid for it! Blessings!

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