1/5 weight loss journey

I went looking for a picture to use as a “before” shot, but there weren’t many to choose from.  Why? Because I HATE the way I look. Of course, if you live near me, you already know what I look like. But I get to deny it all I want, until I look in the mirror – which I avoid as much as possible – or I look at a photo.

The photo with me beside the horse is a bit more flattering, since it’s only of my upper half. The one on the back of Coco, well let’s just say, it’s pushing my limits to post it. I obviously didn’t dress up for the picture.

But today’s blog is not about my fashion sense. It’s about my goal to lose weight.

I’m NOT going on a diet, though I will be restricting my food intake more severely until the weight is lost. My goal is to CHANGE my eating habits. I can no longer have as many sweets, sodas, and sugary/carb filled treats and still not gain weight. Oh, to keep the metabolism of a 20 something.

A few days ago I ate less than 800 calories, for me to do that was not a big deal. Food for me is sustenance, not requirement. BUT I know it’s not nutritionally sound to do eat so few calories. I adjusted my intake yesterday and came it right at 1200 calories. According to http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ I can lose 1 1/2 to 2 pounds a week, if I maintain that amount of calories.

In addition to cutting back on my sugar intake, though I’ll not give up my hot tea (16 oz. cup sweetened with 1 tsp. of sugar), I have increased my water intake. Shamefully, I wasn’t drinking ANY water.

Two days ago I drank 100 oz of water, probably a bit overboard. I have a problem with moderation, apparently. Yesterday’s total water was 60 oz.  According to the mayo clinic any other liquids also count toward total liquid intake. I only count water.

I don’t know if this plan is going to work for me, but I’m going to try.

If you’re interested in having an accountability group with me to eat healthier, share eating plans, and weight loss, plus struggles, please leave your e-mail, with @ and . spelled out (for your protection) and your preference of a yahoo group or facebook group.

under HIS wings and struggling to make his temple healthier,


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  1. I think you’re lovely, Ginger! You’re on the only track that really works for healthy, sustainable weight loss! His grace is sufficient!

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