Well, I think I lost one pound this week. Since our scale is not digital, it’s sometimes hard to tell.
However, I FEEL better. I have been drinking 8+ cups of water per day, eating responsibly, and exercising. I’m also sleeping better.
What am I eating? Typically my day goes like this:
  • breakfast: two eggs, fried with cooking spray, or used in an omelet with onions and meat (if I have some), or a smoothie – 1 cup of milk, 1 banana, 1/2 scoop of protein powder, and ice
  • lunch: really I scrounge for food for lunch and try to make healthy choices
  • dinner: whatever I’m feeding my family just smaller portions, especially the carb based items
I’m avoiding snacks and after dinner nibbling. If I feel a need for a little something sweet, I have it, but limit it to a LITTLE something. This is about a life-style change for me. It is NOT about dieting. Though my immediate goal is to lose  weight, I want to be able to maintain a healthy body once the weight is gone and to do that I need to eat properly all the time.
At the moment, I’m limiting my carbs, but not cutting them out completely. I’m seriously limiting my need for those sweet treats, but again not cutting them out. If I were to deprive myself then I would go on an eating binge and forfeit all I have been doing.
This is what will work for me, I think. I know cutting out all sugar, etc does NOT work for me. I’ve tried it before and was miserable.
Moderation, moderation, moderation.
What do your meals look like and how does it work for you?