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“What? Yarn?” you say. Yep, yarn.
I’ve made a few things in my time. This is probably the one I’m most proud of – up to this point.
My husband is a long-standing Pittsburgh Steelers fan and I made this scarf for him several years ago.
Right now I am making a scarf for my nine year old. He wanted an University of Alabama (Roll Tide) scarf for Christmas. (That sounds like a seriously wrong sentence, but it is grammatically correct. I think. Ugghhh!!!)
I asked him exactly what he wanted and then I went online and looked at scarves, which are few and far between, that had the Alabama name and colors. White was not an option – he is nine afterall. So we chose gray and Alabama Red. He wanted a red background with gray words – Roll Tide. 
But I couldn’t settle for that. NO WAY! So I did a little more research and consulted another Alabama fan. Did you know that you can knit two sides at the same time? It’s called double knitting. You can view a video on youtube if your interested in finding out more.
My colors are red on one side and gray on the other. But that wasn’t enough either. I KNEW I could do the writing (see above Steelers scarf), so I have worked it out on graph paper. And reworked it out on graph paper. And worked it a third and fourth time. I had to do the same for the above scarf too. Trial and error are the best teachers.  🙂
So here’s how it’s going to look:  Gray side says ROLL TIME (in red); Red side says ALABAMA (in gray). I’m only partially done so no pictures yet. I did have to undo twice. The first time I realized my “R” was backwards and possibly upside down.  LOL Thus the need to go back and rework my design. The second time I purled when I was supposed to knit and knitted when I should have purled. Sigh, it does happen.
I am on a roll now, and I have another (quieter) request for one just like it from my fourteen year old. I told him I didn’t know if I’d have time – but I will make time. SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell him. I want it to be a surprise.
Have you ever made anything with yarn? Maybe just have a favorite something made with yarn (and with love)? Tell me about it.
As always – under HIS wings,

6 thoughts on ““Y” is for…

  1. I never did learn how to knit but I do crotchet. I’ve made lots of scarves and some mittens and hats. I also like to make dish rags and I’ve made some afghans. This winter I’ll probably get busy again. 🙂 I don’t think I’d be able to knit. At one point I asked my MIL to teach me but that never happened and now it’s too late 🙁

    Make sure you show us pictures when you’re finished! It sounds AWESOME and magical! Knitting on both sides? Wowsa! I’m most impressed!

  2. I LOVE yarn! I enjoy crocheting and knitting, but my favorite project is using yarn as doll hair on the cloth dolls I make. I love yarn and yet I didn’t even think of using yarn for my “y” post. Odd. So glad you thought of it!

  3. Thanks Laury. I hope it finishes as well as it’s going right now. Have you ever tried to “write” on your crocheted afghans? I’m considering a wall hanging (way in the future), but I think it might be too big knitted.

    Rita – I would love to see a picture of your cloth dolls. I bet they’re beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness, Ginger! I bow to your incredible crafting ability! My daughter can crochet like a madwoman… I however, am an abject failure with yarn! I’m really liking all the new ideas for making things with recycled thrift store sweaters! : )

  5. Barbara – God created us awesome to be able to come up with stuff, didn’t He? To Him be the glory. (just think, who’d have thunk to take the fur from a sheep and spin it around to make thread or yarn, just weird)

    Niki – everyone has different talents. Something you might be good at, might drive me nuts and baffle me. 🙂

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