Writing Update & Taking a Break

What’s going on in my writing life?

  • I’m three-quarters of the way through writing Broken Freedom. Release date will be some time in June, probably close to the middle.
  • BF’s cover is coming along. Since I’m doing this cover by myself, it’s taking me a little longer, but I almost have it the way I want it. I just need to get my cover models together and a picture taken (I’ve snagged two of my children to pose for me).OneChoice-500x750
  • Second Choice, the sequel to One Choice, is well on its way to the 4/28 release date. I received and returned my second round of edits Saturday.
  • I got a sneak peak at the cover for SC this past week as well. It’s so awesome, and I can’t wait to share it with you. If you want to be one of the first to see it, please sign up for my newsletter. The form is in the right sidebar.
  • I plan to have Love’s Choice to my publisher before Second Choice releases, or soon thereafter.
  • I’ve also been asked to join another box set with several authors that I highly respect. The tentative release date is mid-September.
  • What’s coming after that? I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about my Scottish historicals a lot lately, so I might pull them out and rework/edit them for publication this fall or winter as well. Or I might finish my twin story, which I left hanging to write Broken Valentine.

Now to the taking a break part.

I reworked this blog at the beginning of the year…Or I thought I did, but I’ve realized my scope is still too broad.

Who am I writing these posts for?

Who are you? Writers, readers, or faithful friends?

Who do I want to reach? I was going to answer with I don’t know… I didn’t know until God dropped the truth in my lap.

My heart is for teen to college-aged Christian girls. I want to teach them that abstinence is OKAY. That Hollywood and the media don’t get to decide if the way we look is right. That wearing modest clothing attracts the RIGHT kind of guy.

With that in mind, I have to completely rework this blog and my website. I don’t know how long it will take. I don’t know if you, my faithful readers, will like my changes. I hope you do, but now that I have a goal, my heart is pounding because I know it’s the right thing. Tears are forming in my eyes as I realize that I DO have things I can share with the young women growing up in this age.

For such a time as this… Maybe. Probably. Definitely. Thank you, God.

I know the change will be a process, and that my next few months are packed FULL already.

My weekly guest posts by fellow authors will continue. I will also be posting reviews occasionally, as I have already agreed to do several and do not wish to renege on my promises. Good books are always desirable. I hope you enjoy reading about what new books are available, either by your favorite author or by someone new to you.

If you have a daughter or friend that falls within the age range of 14-22, would you ask them what they would look for in a blog? It never hurts to have several perspectives on content. 😀




2 thoughts on “Writing Update & Taking a Break

  1. Sounds like things are going well. Glad you found something you’re really passionate about to blog on. I can see a cozy place here where teens feel free to chat and share. 🙂

    1. I hope so. I need to do some research (aka ask my daughters), but I hope to relaunch before the end of the summer.

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